About the Trainer

Hi! My name is Linnea, and I have been working with dogs professionally for over 5 years. I love dogs of all shapes and sizes, but I have a special place in my heart for little dogs with big personalities. I started Heel and Heal to help any dog in need of training, from young dogs who just need to learn some manners and leash training, to older rescues that have more complex behavioral issues, and dogs anywhere in between. 

About the inspiration


Hi! I’m Tessa! I was an older rescue dog with an unknown past when Linnea got me. I used to be terrified all the time and I had no idea how to be happy. I used to hide behind the couch all day and I was terrified of new people, dogs, noises, and pretty much anything there was to be afraid of. Linnea helped me out so much, I learned how to be confident, I learned how to trust people again (even strangers), and I even learned how to interact and play with other dogs! It wasn’t an easy journey for us, but we both learned so much and built a strong relationship that I wouldn’t trade for the world!


Hey, I’m Ciri. Linnea raised me from a puppy to this big beautiful adult dog that I am now. I wasn’t the easiest puppy, but Linnea didn’t care. Whenever I developed an issue, we just figured it out together. When I was pulling on the leash, I learned how to “heel”, when I was just being crazy all day, I learned how to settle myself down, when I started having reactive behaviors, I learned that I don’t have to feel that way and what I should do instead. Now that I’m grown up, an AKC Canine Good Citizen and an obedience competitor, I’m basically perfect, although I’m told that I’m still a “work in progress”, but that just means I’ll get more perfecter, right?

Ready for training? Questions? 

Email [email protected] 


Call or Text (612) 208-8233





Consultation: $30 


Private training session:

$60/ hour virtual, $75/ hour in person

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